Safety technology

Safety technology
for machines and plants

The safety of your employees and the productivity of machinery and equipment is a fundamental part of any sustainable business. LUX Automation, your partner for safety technology!


Certified safety technology for safe automation

In each phase of a machine’s life, from planning to design, transport to operation, maintenance and assembly/disassembly, different requirements are placed on machine safety.

We help you to identify those requirements and take them into account appropriately. You benefit from the many years of experience of our specialists: the safety technology is implemented simply and economically and meets the requirements of all relevant standards and directives.

Your route to a safe machine in factory

Machine manufacturers

Machine manufacturers within the EU must ensure that their machine complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive, that the CE marking is affixed and that the Declaration of Conformity is issued before it is placed on the market.

Operators of existing machines

The operator must follow the requirements of the Use of Work Equipment Directive.
Existing machines that were in operation before the current Machinery Directive came into force must meet the applicable health and safety requirements as a minimum.


Modernization of a machine can result in the current Machinery Directive having to be applied to it, so that a CE marking must be affixed and a Declaration of Conformity issued.

Risk assessment: reduce risk – think preventively


In order to ensure that machines, modernizations and expansions of your production are safe, possible risks must be assessed and mitigated. Unsafe systems and machines can create hazards that endanger your employees and result in high follow-up costs. Machines and systems must be designed in such a way that people, material assets and the environment are protected.

Our services include:

  • Consulting
  • Risk analyses and risk assessments
  • Engineering (planning, construction, software and hardware design)
  • Regular inspections (service contracts, if applicable)
  • Repair and maintenance of safety-related control systems

As a result, achieving your safety objectives is easy.

The benefits of our service to you:

  • Our expertise even at the planning and design stage
  • Less stress for your employees
  • Compliance with the current standards and directives
  • Fast processing on site

Risk assessment and risk reduction for machinery are described in EN ISO 14121-1.

Safety technology
for every production plant



We also retrofit modern safety technology in existing production and conveyor systems. Partitions, safety fences, light barriers and state-of-the-art sensor technology ensure smooth and even safer production processes.

All safety-related shutdown circuits are designed according to the latest requirements and integrated into your existing plant.

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