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one objective: satisfied customers!

Our aim is to have satisfied customers. We are a reliable partner to many industries and have created a wide range of industrial solutions for our customers during our 120-year company history. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we have succeeded in achieving precisely this objective.

This aim of achieving a high level of satisfaction among our customers is the biggest challenge we face every day, but also the reason for our success! We have developed and implemented many optimizations, integrations and automations for complex infrastructures and production processes. As this selection of our many different references shows, we have a wealth of experience behind us. Find out for yourself and reap all the benefits!

Due to the large number of our successfully completed projects, you will find below excerpts from our references in the various industries.

  • Metals

    Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, 2022

    • Continuous casting plant – modernization of the electrical equipment and automation technology of the rotary tower of continuous casting plant 1 including hardware design, PLC programming and HMI connection.

    thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg GmbH, 2022

    • Hot rolling mill – modernization of the safety control system of the pre-route including electrical upgrading of the second shutdown way for the actuator system.

    thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH, 2022

    • Refining plant 11 – replacement of existing drive technology and retrofitting of approximately 230 pieces frequency converters.

    thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG, 2021

    • Hot-dip coating line – supply, programming and commissioning of a new safety control system and integration into the existing automation concept.

    Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, 2020

    • Strip processing line – integration of a laser welding machine into the high performance coil line (CL4), 3 x line controls, safety PLC, HMI and PCS (ProDaVis). Safeguarding of shutdown via a simulation included in the scope of the order.

    Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, 2019

    • Steel/continuous casting line – the machine head, i.e. the mold and its associated equipment, of continuous casting line no. 1 was modernized..

    thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH, 2019

    • Cold rolling mill – renewal of the oil application system for the rolling stand (tandem mill 2) at the Andernach mill. Adaptation of automation HPC, low voltage and drive technology, measurement and control technology.

    ElvalHalcor S.A. – Greece, 2019

    • Bandbehandlungsanlage – Integration einer Trommelschere in die Color-Coating-Line. Anpassung der Automatisierung und HMI

    thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG, 2019

    • Strip processing line – Strip processing line – extension of the safety technology on the Conti DO6 annealing line at the Bochum plant, including closing devices on the safety doors, operator stations and new safety control system.

    Outokumpu Nirosta GmbH, 2018

    • Strip processing – modernization of slitting line 1300-3 in the areas of drive technology,automation technology, visualization and operation.

    Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products, 2018

    • Annealing batch optimization – modernization of the electrical system in the series 2 final annealing shop.

    NAS Kentucky – USA, 2018

    • Cold rolling mill – automation of a completely new 20hi cold rolling mill including controls and virtual HMI.

    Aluminiumwerk Unna AG, 2018

    • Extrusion press– supply of completely new automation S7 1516 F, Win CC TIA Portal, switchgear, e-assembly and commissioning on P113 aluminum extrusion press

    Acerinox S.A. – Spain, 2016

    • Cold rolling mill , – automation of a completely new 20hi cold rolling mill including technological control and HMI.

    AMAG rolling GmbH Ranshofen – Austria, 2015

    • Cold rolling mill – e-equipment for a completely new cold rolling mill including complete automation, drive control, supply of switchgear, e-assembly and commissioning
  • Automotive

    Actemium ASAS GmbH / Porsche Zuffenhausen, 2021

    • Extension of the storage areas – delivery of the complete electrical equipment and automation/visualization technology for the automated loading and unloading of trucks in a new storage area.

    KEB Fördertechnik GmbH / Daimler AG, 2021

    • AFA Foaming Line2 -supply of electrical equipment for the feed and discharge floor conveyor system on the second foaming line and appropriate adaptation of the existing first line.

    Actemium ASAS GmbH / Volkswagen AG Werk Emden, 2021

    • Reconstruction of PVC rotary hanger conveyor system, including supply of new rotary hanger – design, manufacture, electrical installation and commissioning of 2 new lines of PVC rotary hanger, including 42 new rotary hangers, Schneider Modicon M580 automation platform, Schneider Unity, Schneider VIJEO DESIGNER V6.2.

    Wegener & Stapel Fördertechnik GmbH / VW Wolfsburg, 2020

    • Electrical equipment for rear car module warehouse – as a buffer warehouse for the production lines, the existing “rear car module warehouse” in hall 54 at VW in Wolfsburg has been expanded and connected to the existing warehouse. E-technical equipment S1500 TIA for 2 stacker cranes, conveyor technology. Warehouse management is also carried out using the TIA 1500 PLC technology.

    Elwema Automotive GmbH / General Motors – Mexico, 2020

    • GM assembly plant Mexico – supply and assembly of electrical equipment according to General Motors standard on 2 lines. Assembly lines (cylinder head) and inspection and leak testing lines (cylinder head).

    Novelis Deutschland GmbH, 2020

    • Transport order control for pallet warehouse – to supply the packing stations with wooden pallets, sheets, packing material and other requirements, 2 forklifts are currently in use. The control system for transport order management of the forklifts takes the requests of the packing stations and sorts them according to various criteria. The distinctive feature is that the two forklifts themselves select which driving job they want to perform.

    Actemium ASAS GmbH / Porsche Zuffenhausen, 2018

    • Conveyor technology for axles – electrical equipment for new conveyor technology for axle production at Porsche including automatic truck loading.

    Georgsmarienhütte GmbH, 2018

    • Semi-finished product storage system – a new storage and material tracking system was implemented for the bloom store for the rolling mill (line 6), starting with transfer of the blooms from the steel mill to the support grid of the walking beam furnace line 6

    Dürr Systems GmbH / Daimler AG, 2018

    • New final assembly hall 56 – all e-technical equipment for the floor conveyor system in hall 56. The order includes design, delivery of switchgear, e-assembly software, commissioning of Integra standard shaft 6.

    Elwema Automotive GmbH / FOTON-WORLD(BEIJING)TRADE CO.,LTD. – China, 2017

    • Assembly/leak testing systems, scrubbers – “Electrical equipment for a new production line for cylinder heads consisting of 6 assembly/leak testing units and 4 cleaning units.”

    Elwema Automotive GmbH / General Motors – Mexico/Brasilien/USA, 2017

    • Assembly/leak testing systems, scrubbers
      Assembly/leak testing systems, scrubbers – assembly planning, assembly/installation and control cabinet production according to GM GCCL standard, 18 assembly/leak testing systems for GM Mexico, 16 assembly/leak testing systems for GM Brazil, 12 assembly/leak testing systems for GM USA

    Actemium ASAS GmbH / Audi Brussels S.A., 2017

    • Umbau Schubskidanlage im Rohbau – Reconstruction of push-skid system in shell construction – reconstruction and control replacement for the 29 push plates, replacement of the control unit with SEW control and drive technology. Replacement of the Phoenix head controller with PCF 470 with Profinet Safe.

    Dürr Systems GmbH / VOLKSWAGEN SLOVAKIA, a.s. – Slowakia, 2016

    • Paint shop – new electrotechnical equipment for the GAD/FAD line 1 in the paint shop with interface with S-impact seam application and conveyor connection to the existing equipment.
    • Paint shop – new electrotechnical equipment for the two UBS lines, each consisting of a head control with conveyor components and 20 rotary transport carriages.

    Windmöller & Hölscher KG, 2014

    • Modernisation of the high-bay warehouse – Our scope of supply includes renewal of the conveyor technology in the high-bay warehouse pre-zone. Among other things, frequency-controlled drives with SEW Movidrive, implementation of KP 400+700 with TIA portal and positioning of the storage and retrieval machine with way-coding system (WCS) were used.

    Volkswagen AG Wolfsburg, 2012

    • Expansion of 9-aisle high-bay warehouse – expansion of a manual 9-aisle high-bay warehouse with a new automatic pre-zone conveyor system.
  • Intralogistics

    Coronex Electronic GmbH, 2022

    • Delivery of a new warehouse management system LVS for a pallet high-bay warehouse with connection to Level 1 for the movement commands and to Level 3 for the warehouse orders, installation of Windows terminals in the production hall and renewal of the Level 1 visualization from LUX Prodavis to LUX Framework.

    Novelis Koblenz GmbH, 2022

    • Modernization of a test hall for the testing of aluminum plates for the aircraft industry by the delivery of a Level 2 control system for the control and monitoring of the tests as well as the provision of the test specimens for the respective test equipment.

    Georgsmarienhütte GmbH, 2021

    • Billet warehouse with usage planning and monitoring, transport order planning and optimization – combined material tracking and warehouse management system for continuous cast ingots as starting material for the rolling mill. The following interfaces were implemented as the central system between the steel mill and the rolling mill: SAP, L3 planning system, L2 steel mill, L2 rolling mill, basic automation (cranes and Teletrac).

    Eaton Germany GmbH (Lohmar and Baden Baden), 2020

    • Modernization of a WMS for a 4-aisle high-bay warehouse and a floor storage system including second generation planning and control of the picking stations – 365/24 service contract for the entire area excluding mechanical and electrical storage components

    Salzgitter Flachstahl AG, 2020

    • Modernization of the fourth-generation control system of coil line 4 (CL4). Initial installation 1999 – plant visualization, MV display, network display, system display, detailed systems, thickness, width measurement, oil layers, diagnostics, coupling MVS, instruction list for infeed, coil data for PLCs and material tracking, acquisition of actual data, generation of run-out rings, supplemented with actual data. Report of run-out rings to the MVS, request of coils from the LVS or notification in the run-out

    Salzgitter Flachstahl AG, 2020

    • Modernization of a process control and management system including second-generation quality module for push pickling – 1– 1 server, approx. 10 clients, Windows server 2012, Oracle 12, system environment .Net, WPF and C++, gateway MVS – basic automation (target data-actual data), order planning (bundle overview, pickling sequence, material tracking)

    Schmiedewerke Gröditz, 2018-2020

    • Concept and specifications for an MES in the forge and for the ring rolling mil – FLUX prepared the concept and specifications for an MES in collaboration with the forging plants for the forge, finishing shop, heat treatment, mechanical processing and central warehouse operations and for the ring rolling mill (from the delivery of starting material internally and externally, the ring rolling mill incl. rotary hearth furnace, the finishing shop, heat treatment and shipping).

    Novelis Deutschland GmbH, 2019

    • Warehouse with sequence planning rack and furnace allocation, driverless transport systems – for new construction of a bogie hearth furnace for heating aluminum ingots for the hot rolling mill, LUX created a concept for the higher-level control and warehouse management system and implemented the planned solution.

    Aluminium Norf GmbH, 2019

    • Modernization of information system for the
      third-generation remelting plant (ISUSW) (first installation 1995)
      – direct process coupling to various plants and processes, 13 furnaces, 13 casting plants, various auxiliary units, (burners, dross hoods, annealing furnaces, induction furnaces, recycling center, media, ingot milling machine and chip bunker)

    Bilstein GmbH, 2019

    • Modernization of the second-generation high-bay warehouse since 2000 – this is a single-aisle HBW for heavy goods to supply manufacturing. This is based on the warehouse module of the LUX Prodavis Industrie 4.0 framework running in Windows with an Oracle database.

    Constellium Singen GmbH, 2016

    • Modernization of the HBW including replacement of S5 with S7 and renewal of the warehouse management system – the two-aisle high-bay warehouse is the central warehouse in the rolling mill, through which all coils produced are usually transported and stored several times.

    thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG, 2016

    • Roll management system for all rolls used in hot strip mill 2 – connection of 5 grinding benches, master data for rolls, accessories and add-on parts such as roll bearings, etc., automatic recording, updating and archiving of operating data for rolls with interface to the mill, set of rules for processing the operating data to indicate current status of the rolls for each roll trip over the entire life cycle, graphic display of the rolls in their current state, actions can be entered by drag and drop.

    Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH (Siegen and Witten), 2015

    • Railroad dispatching and monitoring system – at two locations in Siegen and Witten, all wagon movements are planned and controlled by means of a railroad dispatching system. Trains are compiled, moved internally and monitored in both graphical and tabular form. Via the integrated master data management, wagons, locomotives and track systems can be managed, processed (blocked, under repair, etc.) and changed. Each wagon that enters the plant is recorded and stored in the master data. Historical data can also be derived from this.

    Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH / Novelis Deutschland GmbH, until 2006

    • Technical benchmarking and OEE system, also across plants
      Technical benchmarking and OEE system, also across plants – data collection and evaluation system at 15 sites and in 7 countries for a technical benchmarking system to compare the performance data of similar plants.
      OEE system throughout the site in Koblenz with 25 plants.
  • Inspection and test systems

    NGC, 2022

    • Water-cooled drive cabinet for a High Dynamic 3 x Dyno Test Bench for e-Drive Gears with PM motor up to 20.000[rpm], 1000[Hz] at 12[kHz] switching Frequency and 2 x Asynchronous Motors.
      The cabinet has incorporated remote connection for support & maintenance.

    German University Project, 2022

    • Electrical Powertrain Test Bench drive cabinet with an AFE and a DC source of 250[kW]. The wheel dynos are driven by customer inverters supplied from this cabinet DC Link. The cabinet is air cooled and has incorporated remote connection for support & maintenance.

    FAW, 2021

    • 2 x Dyno Heavy Duty Test Bench 690[Vac] supply, Torque up to 17.000[Nm] – S6 (1700[A]), air cooled Cabinet – Provided cabinet and commissioning. The cabinet has incorporated remote connection for support & maintenance.

    DLR, 2021

    • Fast rotating Asynchronous machine for Gas Turbine. Motor of 500[kW] at 14.300[rpm], air cooled cabinets, containing remote connection for support & maintenance. Delivery of full drive cabinet including customer specific software and commissioning. This tailored software working inside the cabinet main PLC has been developed to complement the standard one for extra datalogging and motor control. It has its own User enabling access and modification directly the software, also from the remote connection.
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