Stationary battery storage. Sustainable energy supply.

In the e-storage business sector, LUX Automation offers you individual solutions, starting with energy management consulting, business case definition and concept development through to system integration. In addition to conventional use of lithium-ion batteries, we also use 2nd-life batteries from electric vehicles in our storage system.


Battery storage (e-storage)

LUX Automation’s battery storage systems are primarily used in industrial and commercial applications. They are often an integral part of the operational infrastructure. They provide emergency power or reactive power, offer autonomous energy supply, support area networks and optimize supply by means of self-generated electricity.

Optimized self-generation

Battery storage solutions from LUX Automation allow you to optimize your self-generated supply. With energy arbitrage, you decide whether surplus self-generated electricity is stored, consumed later or fed into the grid at the optimal time.

Lower grid charges

Commercial and industrial operations can use electricity storage to reduce and defer their maximum output, thereby saving on grid charges.

  • Peak load capping (peak shaving)
  • Peak shifting
  • Increase in mains utilization hours
  • Atypical grid use

System services

All four system service types – PCR, SCR, TCR, “interruptible loads” – can be operated with power storage units from LUX Automation. In addition, a wide range of industrial and commercial applications are possible with our stationary battery storage system.


  • Determination of the optimum feed-in time
  • No network restrictions by the grid operator
  • Optimization of self-consumption


  • Relief for the power grids
  • Reduction of charging costs

Reduction of network charges through

  • peak shaving
  • peak shifting
  • Increase in mains utilization hours
  • Atypical grid use


Primobius is the name of the exciting joint venture between Australian company Neometals Ltd. and LUX Automation’s parent company the SMS group, in which an environmentally friendly recycling technology for lithium-ion battery (LiB) cells has been developed.

By using retired LiBs from electric vehicles in our battery storage systems, we increase their service life before putting them into the recycling loop. Less waste. Longer useful life. More environmental protection

Battery life cycle Cycle


Typically, EV battery capacity drops to about 80% of original capacity after five to seven years of operation.

While the range of an electric vehicle with 80% battery capacity is significantly reduced, the battery still provides enough capacity for other applications.

Using end-of-life Li-ion batteries from electric vehicles, our storage solution extends their lifespan and fits seamlessly into the recycling loop. In this way, we help to avoid waste and promote continuous use of resources, thereby reducing the need for primary resources.

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