Ecological electric systems

Electrical systems:
the ecological switch

The data from the International Energy Agency is clear: power generation and heating accounts for 42% of CO2 emissions worldwide, while vehicles and other means of transport account for 24%. Time for a switch: LUX Automation transforms electrical installations into ecological electric systems. The result is significantly more efficient use of energy in industry.

Ecological: plant engineering of the future


The carbon-free economy: is it possible? LUX Automation says: Yes. Decarbonization can only succeed step by step. Intelligent concepts, innovative plants, sustainable production are in demand. LUX Automation is therefore developing new, extremely energy efficient electrical systems and equipment. We can build on the vast experience of our parent company, the SMS group, and its concept of eco plants.

We have strict criteria for our ecological equipment and systems. Electrical equipment and systems from LUX Automation that carry the ecological logo reduce power consumption, increase energy efficiency, protect utility grids and reduce environmental impact. The ecological logo also guarantees that only products that contribute to reducing greenhouse gases are used.


As a system integrator, LUX Automation has specialized in generation, storage, transmission and distribution of conventional and renewable energies for over 120 years. Make the most of that experience. We are working hard to improve the energy efficiency of plants, develop battery storage systems and use hydrogen as the energy source of the future. Our vision is to reduce CO2 emissions in electrical systems as far as possible.

We are efficient… energy efficient!

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    Increasing energy efficiency

    Engines consume energy and drive up CO2-emissions. LUX Automation therefore pays close attention to energy efficiency when planning systems and choosing engines and electric drives. We rely on systems, engines and electric drives with optimized power consumption.

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    Use of 2nd-life batteries

    Stationary battery storage systems are an important component in making the energy supply sustainable. But how can stationary battery storage be made even more efficient and greener? By using the energy of 2nd-life batteries from electric vehicles for storage. LUX Automation is driving this technology forward.

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    Generating green hydrogen

    LUX Automation supports you in e-conversion and hydrogen production. Our modular and scalable supply systems for electrolysis plants range from low to high megawatt capacities and offer voltages up to 1500 volts. Above all, green hydrogen produced from renewable energy contributes to the decarbonization of industry.

    The secret to success for most companies is the clever people behind them

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