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Successful companies rely on automated systems. How can this success be enhanced? By optimizing all in-house logistics processes and complete warehouse management. LUX Automation not only specializes in plant automation, but is also an expert in optimized processes along the entire logistics chain.


Essential building blocks of

Intralogistics comprises three essential processes: warehouse management, material tracking and planning and control of internal transport. We have developed the LUX PRODAVIS framework to fulfill these intralogistics tasks, along with appropriate application modules. It allows you to optimize your material inflows and outflows, storage and retrieval processes and control and monitoring of your transport. All very convenient and simple. Our software solutions capture all of these functions in a single application that features an unified interface.

Warehouse management


High-bay warehouses for coils weighing up to 25 metric tons must meet different requirements to racks in which freight, storage or transport goods are stored in trays, and floor storage for stacking continuous cast ingots must meet different requirements to ingot storage on racks.

LUX Automation offers you solutions for every warehouse management and intralogistics requirement and every functional module within the logistics chain. For example:

  • High-bay warehouses, single and multi-aisle, one or two SRMs per aisle
  • Tray storage
  • Floor storage
  • Rack storage

We are also happy to act for you as a general contractor in intralogistics and warehouse management, managing all tasks from steel construction to automation and warehouse management IT, with interfaces for the order management systems (ERP/PPS).

Material tracking


We are experienced in identifying materials to be tracked. We use a wide variety of identification techniques in our material tracking projects. For example:

  • RFID-Tags
  • Barcodes and QR codes
    • imprinted
    • as labels, including for hot environments (up to 400 degrees)
    • Signs for detection with long range scanners up to 15 m
    • Stickers on boxes, pallets, …
    • Stamp recognition (block stamp) by means of camera
    • Image recognition as pattern detection
    • OCR

We also work with you to test and implement solutions with very special requirements, such as those used in hot areas or on objects with rough surfaces. If it is not possible to identify the material within the scope of material tracking in every movement but only at entry and exit, we ensure tracking by other means, through transport order planning and monitoring of the transport equipment for example.

Planning and control
of internal transport


The third essential intralogistics component is internal transport.

The range is wide, from a fully automatic solution using an SRM and automatic conveyor lines, through automatic crane systems, to forklifts operated manually. They all have one thing in common, namely that they require planning, creation, visualization, execution, monitoring and optimization of transport jobs.

In automatic mode, they are transmitted directly to the lower-level control system; in semi-automatic and manual mode, they must be displayed to the operator in the required sequence so that they can be processed. LUX Automation has solutions ready for each of these different requirements

  • Positioning systems for automatic and manually operated cranes (crane coordinate systems)
  • Position acquisition for ground-based transport systems (GPS, Bluetooth)
  • AGV automated transport systems with GPS navigation, induction loops, etc.
  • Automation for stacker cranes etc.
  • Guidance systems for internal rail-bound transport (graphical or tabular)
  • Rule editor for definition, simulation and optimization of sequences (assignment, transports, transport orders)

At the request of our customers, we are happy to create an initial concept in the form of a set of specifications. The actual and planned new business processes are recorded in detail. A description of all the necessary interfaces – usually between level 4 (ERP), level 1 (basic automation) and the adjacent level 2 (process control systems) – and the operating philosophy with the dialog and screen designs are also services we offer.


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