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Hydrogen burns with virtually no emissions, which makes it an attractive option as a source of energy for industry in the transport sector and for the supply of electricity and heat. Above all, green hydrogen produced from renewable energy makes a sustainable contribution to decarbonizing industry and achieving climate targets.


Modular power supply system for electrolysis plants

Our modular and scalable power supply systems for electrolysis plants deliver anything up to several megawatts and voltages up to 1,500 volts. To provide these large outputs, LUX Automation offers IGBT-based solutions with shared DC bus. This allows modular scaling of the output to the appropriate size of the electrolysis system used, as well as a reduction of feedback effects on the supplying power grid. The ripple is minimized, as is its impact on the efficiency of the process of hydrogen electrolysis.

The steel industry is one of the largest CO2 emitters, which is why hydrogen is of central importance in the production of climate-neutral steel (green steel). Benefit from our process expertise: in the SMS group we are not only leaders in plant engineering for the steel industry but also in the field of high temperature electrolysis (HTE).

Based on our many years of experience in power electronics, we supply all the necessary electrical equipment for hydrogen electrolysis. On request, we can also act as a general contractor in association with the SMS group and can offer you complete packages, including the process connection for your plant.


Individual solutions

Our solutions are always tailor-made, from concept development to seamless integration of our hydrogen electrolysis electrical equipment into your plant process. Flexible system architectures. Individual components. Perfect service.


Power supply for power-to-H2

Power-to-H2 is the name of the chemical process that uses electrolysis to produce hydrogen from water. In this process, water is separated into oxygen and hydrogen by means of electric current. If renewable energy is used, it is called green hydrogen. LUX Automation offers you individual solutions from energy supply, through electrolysis, to process connection of your plant.


Power-to-Syngas: with LUX Automation

The Power-to-Syngas process uses co-electrolysis to convert CO2 and water vapor into a synthetic gas. The COis extracted from industrial processes and can be put to further use. If renewable energy is used in the electrolysis process, it is referred to as green syngas.


climate-neutral fuel

Power-to-liquid is the refinement of syngas into a climate-neutral fuel. Synthetic gases are converted into synthetic liquid fuel, known as e-fuel (e-crude). When e-fuels are burned, only as much CO is emitted as was added in the syngas production process.


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