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The key factor in the success of our company, which has been in existence for more than twelve decades, has been our consistent focus on key sectors of our industrial world right from the start. Metals – automotive – intralogistics have always been part of our DNA and still form the foundation of our applications.

Industrial automation and drive technology is also expanding in importance in the pioneering field of energy storage and in the automotive industry, the latter through the shift to e-mobility. In addition to traditional industries, we are therefore tapping into a much larger market. Here, too, we are at home, we understand the special requirements of these industries and successfully contribute our experience to numerous projects.


We know our way around!

Whether it’s steel, intralogistics, aluminum or the automotive industry – each industry operates with very specific requirements. We know them inside and out through years of working in these industries and meet them with proven process automation solutions.

Our spectrum ranges from installing new components to connecting to new Level 2-software. And from setting up new plants to adapting existing plants to new performance and safety requirements.

  • Bus systems
    Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, ProfiNet, Modbus, Profisafe etc.
  • PLC systems
    Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Converteam, Rockwell etc.
  • Hardware design
    E-Plan, RUPLAN
  • Visualization systems
    LUX PRODAVIS, WinCC, InTouch, ArchestrA etc.
  • Drive control systems
    Simatic TDC, FM458
  • Process control systems
    PCS7, 800xA

Our industries
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LUX Automation is an expert in new plants and modernization processes in the steel and aluminum industry. We develop customized solutions for automation, drive and control technology for you. We know the tough conditions and specifications of the industry very well and are aware of the special requirements that arise there: in the area of “fluids” as well as in further processing and finishing. That’s why we only use automation and drive technology that can withstand the toughest conditions and meet all the safety standards.



Process automation in the automotive industry is characterized by very high levels of standardization, accompanied by solutions reflecting the state of the art in automation and control technology. It takes a lot of experience to develop and implement cost-effective solutions here, experience which we have gained over many years in this industry and apply on your behalf in all our projects.



Digitization and optimization of internal logistics processes is now becoming increasingly important for companies. Linking of warehouse management, material tracking and transport order planning/optimization across all plants and operating units creates the transparency required for a logistics chain that is fit for the future. LUX Automation not only specializes in plant automation, but is also an expert in optimized processes along the entire logistics chain.



Global energy demands will have increased by a quarter by 2040, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts in its latest forecast. Governments and industry are increasingly relying on renewable and decentralized energy sources instead of conventional power plants, and electricity storage is becoming more and more important as a result.

With our e-storage systems, we make an important contribution to stabilizing volatile power generation and ensuring a secure power supply for manufacturing industry


Inspection and test systems

Highly dynamic test benches for the mobility of tomorrow require integrated solutions with which the limits of the day after tomorrow can be tested today. E-mobility is increasingly emerging as a game changer for the automotive industry. LUX Automation is supporting this dynamic change and developing drive solutions including controls for highly dynamic engine and transmission test benches – for combustion engines and e-vehicles, as well as test systems for electrical components in various industries.

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