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LUX Automation offers customized electrical design solutions to meet the high demands of electrical equipment and automation technology in industry. We equip your plant with the latest components and switchgear. Professionally designed, assembled and tested by our experts.


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Without electricity, nothing runs in production – no drive, no control, no business. That’s why LUX Automation offers design and delivery of all components from one source: high-precision actuators and sensors, powerful motors, safety technology, switchgear and control panels. We deliver all components directly to the construction site and install them professionally in accordance with relevant standards.


  • Electrical components
  • Safety technology
  • Switchgear & control panels
  • Electrical assembly
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    Construction platforms

    We supply switchgear, type-tested low-voltage main distribution boards, drive systems and control panels that meet your requirements and standards. This gives you precise control of all your operations within the production chain.

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    Optimization of power distribution is a core component of electrotechnical equipment. A number of factors must therefore be considered when planning and installing switchgear, from encapsulation, compartmentalization and covering of high-voltage parts to long-term integrity of contact connections and limiting the heating of live parts. At the same time, we always keep easy maintenance of the systems in mind for you.

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    Electrical assembly

    In our assembly department, we work closely with you to make the best possible use of our expertise for your systems. After all, assembly and installation is of crucial importance for the success of any automation project. We always ensure that conversion and modernization is carried out in a way that saves as much time as possible.

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