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Process automation makes your production fit for the future

LUX Automation specializes in automation and optimization of processes. By finding exactly the right solution for your production operations. Whether you are looking to build a new plant or modernize an existing one: LUX Automation is your partner for smart solutions in automation, control, drive and regulation technology – for every industry.


Everything under one roof: drive, process, control and regulation technology

Is your problem a bit more complex? Are you struggling to work out what kind of solution you need? First we identify your exact requirements, then we develop individual solutions in collaboration with you.

Whether you are looking for modernization of an existing system or construction of a new plant: LUX Automation develops the drive, process, control and regulation technology you need. With many years of experience and a high level of innovation, we make your production and logistics processes significantly more powerful and efficient. At the same time, we make sure that your systems meet all the relevant safety requirements and are always up to date.

  • Identify customer requirements
  • Define system requirements
  • Develop a solution concept
  • Design safety technology
  • Integrate specifications
  • Coordinate implementation
  • Start implementation

From consulting to


Precise coordination of the requirements is a priority before the start of each project. Every project is therefore preceded by a detailed consulting and conception phase, which runs in close coordination with you. First, you describe your production requirements and goals to us, then we work with you to develop a coherent solution concept. Following coordination of individual standards and specifications, we set up detailed project management and adapt the project team to your task.

Prior to implementation, we clarify the interfaces with adjacent plants, take account of technical peculiarities and draw up a binding schedule. In the realization phase, we install all the system components in accordance with standards and deadlines and we commission your system. In doing so, we pay particular attention to ensuring that ongoing operations are impaired as little as possible.

We subsequently prepare detailed documentation and train your employees in using the new system. We take care of service and maintenance at regular intervals so that you can rely on smooth operation in the long term.

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Process automation

LUX Automation offers you innovative process automation. Whether for the metal industry, automotive sector or intralogistics: we match our automation technology precisely to your processes and requirements.
With vision, foresight and many years of experience, LUX Automation is your partner for intelligent process automation.


Drive technology

Both the steel industry and the aluminum industry place high demands on drive and control technology. We combine the capabilities of modern automation systems with decades of industry knowledge on the part of our experts to achieve the best processing and material quality for you with our drive and control technology.


Process control technology

In the field of industrial IT, LUX Automation optimizes your control systems along the entire production. You benefit from maximum transparency and efficiency and the highest level of user-friendliness.


Safety technology

The demands on safety technology increase with growing performance. Based on our experience and reliable instincts, we select the right monitoring sensors and certified components for you and ensure effective shutdown in the event of imminent danger. For you this means: safety technology you can always rely on 100 percent.


Electrical equipment

To meet the high demands of electrical equipment and automation technology in industry, LUX Automation offers customized solutions in the field of electrical design. We equip your plant with the latest components and switchgear. These are professionally designed, assembled and tested by our experts.



LUX Automation transforms electrical installations into ecological electric systems. The result is significantly more efficient use of energy in industry. As a system integrator, LUX Automation has specialized in generation, storage, transmission and distribution of conventional and renewable energies for over 120 years. Make the most of that experience.


Power to X

Hydrogen burns almost emission-free, which makes it an attractive option as a source of energy for industry in the transport sector and for the supply of electricity and heat. Above all, green hydrogen produced from renewable energy makes a sustainable contribution to decarbonizing industry and achieving climate targets.



Our service team supports you throughout the entire life cycle of your plant, from design to commissioning. No matter what the product is. You too can benefit from our many years of experience with a wide range of drive technology products and automation platforms.

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We are looking for qualified and committed colleagues who can manage and deliver complex automation, drive and electrical engineering projects. We also offer internships and opportunities to complete final degree dissertations. We look forward to hearing from you!