Process automation

Making complex
things simple

LUX Automation offers you innovative process automation. Whether it’s for the metal or automotive industry or Intralogistics: we match our automation technology precisely to your processes and requirements. With vision, foresight and many years of experience, LUX Automation is your partner for intelligent process automation.


The whole spectrum of
automation technology

Whether it’s steel, intralogistics, aluminum or the automotive industry – each industry operates with very specific requirements. We know them through years of working in these industries and meet them with proven process automation solutions.

Our spectrum ranges from installing new components up to the integration of new Level 2 software. And from setting up new plants to adapting existing plants to new performance and safety requirements.

  • Bus systems
    (Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, ProfiNet, Modbus, Profisafe etc.)
  • Hardware design
    (E-Plan, RUPLAN)
  • Drive control systems
    (Simatic TDC, FM458)
  • PLC systems
    (Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Converteam, Rockwell etc.)
  • Visualization systems
    (LUX PRODAVIS, WinCC, InTouch, ArchestrA etc.)
  • Process control systems
    (PCS7, 800xA)

For every phase in the
production process

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    Modernization of control technology

    Each area of your production plant places its own specific requirement on the control technology – on the one hand in terms of system performance and on the other because of the complexity of the application.

    We bring your control systems up to the latest state of the art and create a uniform environment for programming and design of process-control, visualization and drive solutions on different platforms. For example, we replace old S5/S7 controllers with new S7 components or components from the Siemens TIA Portal, along with the appropriate BUS systems including WinCC as the visualization environment.

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    Automation in the automotive industry

    The technology in a vehicle manufacturer’s production facilities is becoming increasingly complex. Suitable solutions must be able to deal with this complexity. That’s why LUX Automation offers you perfectly coordinated components and IT solutions. For smooth transportation through the single steps of production, we use the latest standards in the automotive industry and adapt them to your needs.

    The automation platforms we use are designed according to the VW/Audi “VASS” standard and the Daimler “Integra” standard, with the corresponding visualization systems.

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    Flexible automation solutions

    In order to cope with the wide range of challenges and fields of application in the industries in which we specialize, we apply a variety of platforms and combinations from well-known manufacturers such as Siemens, GE, Schneider, Beckhoff, ABB, Rockwell, HIMA and many more. They complement each other perfectly when it comes to complex tasks in control engineering.

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