Process automation for the automotive industry

Process automation saves you time and money in the automotive industry. But before a single vehicle can roll off the production line, numerous manufacturing processes have to be coordinated. That’s why LUX Automation develops automation technology tailored to your needs throughout the manufacturing process.


Leading the way through
process automation

The automotive industry and automation technology are closely linked: modern automotive production is inconceivable without efficient process automation. LUX Automation always has the right answer in this area thanks to state-of-the-art automation technology. That’s why you will find our solutions at every corner of the production line: in conveyor and process technology and in application technology for shell construction, painting and final assembly.

With LUX Automation, you benefit from the decades of experience we have gained in numerous projects with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers. This means we are familiar with all the common automation standards – including yours! We have even developed many of them in cooperation with our customers and adapted them to individual requirements. Because we lead the way in exploring new avenues.

  • Floor conveyor technology
  • Electric Monorail technology
  • Process engineering plants
  • Equipment for production booths
  • Application technology
  • Paint supply systems
  • Robotics

Our range of service for the automotive industry

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    Paint shop

    Paint both protects a car and makes it look good, so maximum precision is required here. LUX Automation supports you in various painting methods and processes. From pretreatment and degreasing systems, through cavity preservation, cathodic dip coating (CDC) and filler and top coat robot systems, to paint supply and underbody protection systems (UPS). We help you to make your production even more efficient. We also have the right automation solution for you when it comes to paint sludge disposal, fully desalinated water and wastewater systems, and air balance control for painting, sanding and inspection booths.

  • VW-Wolfsburg-Erweiterung-9-gassiges-Hochregallager

    Conveyor technology

    Before an automobile can drive itself, it must be transported within production. Proven systems are used here – roller conveyors, chain conveyors, apron conveyors and sliding platform systems are just some of the options. They enable a smooth, safe flow of materials for engines, transmissions and car bodies to the next station. LUX Automation accompanies the entire process chain with reliable and low-maintenance automation technology – from shell production, through the paint shop, to fitting of the engine and final assembly.

  • ELWEMA-VW-China-Montage-und-Lecktest-Module

    Application technology

    Stronger, faster, more precise: robots are arguably the most efficient workforce in the automotive industry today and are used in almost every step of manufacturing. LUX Automation keeps your robot-based engine and component production fit in terms of electrical systems and automation technology. Our scope of services includes PLC technology, visualization and safety and robotics technology. And for an all-round clean result at the end of the production chain, we use our expertise in cleaning systems (scrubbers).


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