Process and plant automation for the metal industry

Our automation solutions are as versatile as the latest materials and processing techniques in the metal industry. Whether it’s for steel or non-ferrous metals such as aluminum etc.: LUX Automation offers you customized process automation and efficient plant automation.


Process automation
under one roof

Melting, casting and alloying, rolling, forging and pressing: the modern metal industry is no longer conceivable without specialized plant management and efficient automation technology. With process automation from LUX Automation, you control each production stage with high precision and perfectly coordinate the various steps of processing.

In numerous projects and over many decades, we have been able to develop and hone our expertise in process automation for the metal industry. This enables us to combine many individual steps into a closed manufacturing complex and ensure all-round safe operation of your systems. At the same time, we streamline your processes with state-of-the-art industrial IT solutions so that you can achieve your production goals with maximum efficiency.

  • Blast furnaces
  • Steelworks
  • Continuous casting plants
  • Furnaces
  • Rolling mills
  • Strip processing lines
  • Transport systems
  • Pressing, sawing, milling
  • Special machines

Our areas of application
in the metal industry

  • walzwerke-neu

    Rolling mills

    Rolling mills turn coarse slabs, blocks and billets into fine strips, sheets, bars and forgings. Our drive and control technology takes care of the fine tuning – be it for cold and hot rolling stands in steel production, Sendzimir and skin-pass mills in stainless steel processing or rolling mills in the aluminum industry. With our technological controls, you can match profile, thickness, setting, bending and roll displacement precisely to your production parameters. Only one factor is consistent: our demand for the highest dimensional accuracy, efficiency and freedom from errors.

  • bandbehandlungsanlagen

    Strip processing lines

    In strip processing, strips made of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum are refined and further processed. The processes include pickling, annealing and straightening, trimming and cutting the strips. There are many production routes between the starting material and the end product, each of which is precisely matched to the material properties. LUX Automation analyzes your requirements continuously and finds the best and most efficient automation solution for you.

  • maschinensteuerung

    Machine control

    Any machine is only as good as the engineer who invents it, the technician who builds it, and the clever person who controls it. LUX Automation will gladly take care of the latter for you. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we are particularly familiar with machines in the metal industry. Water, extrusion and tube presses, free-form forging presses, manipulators, straightening machines and stretching benches: we optimize the machine control for your production.

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